Cookies Policy

Statement on cookies on the servers of Kinalisoft s.r.o.

We declare that the Kinalisoft s.r.o. websites use cookies in accordance with the law.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of text data that is stored on a user’s computer when browsing a website. This file, containing, for example, user account information, is then sent back to the server with each subsequent visit. Cookies are commonly used to detect unique users, to collect information about them and therefore simplify browsing and providing content.


Cookies Policy

Kinalisoft uses cookies exclusively for technical purposes, such as tracking traffic on our websites. In any case, cookies cannot be used to identify specific visitors.

Since the content and elements of third-parties (YouTube videos, Facebook elements, etc.) also appear on Kinalisoft’s servers, we cannot guarantee that these services do not store additional cookies – outside of the administration and control of our company.

By using our website, you agree to cookies being stored and their use for the purposes described above.

Cookies can be restricted or blocked by the user by setting their web browser appropriately.


Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies – temporary cookies that are stored on your computer only until the end of the session and permanent cookies that remain stored on your computer until you delete them.

Temporary cookies allow information to be stored when switching from one website to another and eliminate the need to re-enter some already completed data – for example, on forms.

Permanent cookies help to identify your computer if you visit any website again (but do not allow to identify you personally). This identification makes it possible to customise your pageview or identify the returning visitor to our website.

Kinalisoft uses both types of cookies.