2) Testing

Test-it-off can handle a variety of inspection methods. It also supports other user operations beyond the inspection itself. For example, it can read EAN/DMX codes or apply labels.

Various types of testing equipment is used for PCB testing


ICT/FCT tester

FCT/ICT testers are designed for testing PCBs or complete assemblies. With their help, it is possible to test standard electrical quantities such as voltage, current consumption, etc., communication protocols (e.g., LIN, can, Flexray, etc.), LED parameters and many others according to customer requirements.

We are able to integrate the existing ICT/FCT tester supplied by the customer or deliver our own solution with automated closing of the upper pressure for testing PCBs.

Test-it-off supports the option to operate multiple different ICT testers in one workplace.


Camera system

We are able to provide EOL camera check on PCB manufacturers products. We inspect the fitting correctness of THT components and connectors or the presence of labels and DMX codes with high accuracy and reliability.

The inspection uses artificial intelligence principles and advanced PCB scanning methods which are processed by a unique set of own machine vision libraries.