Introducing Test-it-off

System for quality control automation

Test-it-off is a fully automatic system thanks to which quality control is possible without the inspector’s direct assistance. It is based on the many years of experience of KINALI who specialise in robotics and industrial automation.

The robotic system tests independently of the cycle and service intervals of production lines. This enables quality control of the whole production to be carried out. Test-it-off follows the ‘Dark Factory’ trend – a concept of industrial operation that could work fully autonomously. The presence of human operators is not necessary. Robots provide everything from handling work to inspection and reporting.

The system is reliable and objective. When learning and testing, it uses artificial intelligence, it is easy to programme and works in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0.


1) Gripping

Use Test-it-off to verify the output quality of products from any place. It can even handle unsorted material placed in a crate or KLT box. It can do this thanks to the integrated ‘bin picking’ system.

Just upload a 3D model of the product. The robot starts working right away

Requires minimal assistance for initial setup

Uses 3D camera technology and artificial intelligence

No programming – editing takes place via a clear user interface

AUBO cobot – an integral part of Test-it-off

The basic element of product handling in the Test-it-off system are AUBO collaborative robots.

They provide a wide range of possibilities for automation of production processes at favourable prices. The AUBO cobots are reliable helpers and we provide an 18-month warranty or a non-stop support guarantee for them. The manufacturer has long focused on ease of operation and easy integration into even the most demanding production processes. These orange partners help in hundreds of operations around the world. They can also help you with the automation of quality control.


2) Testing

The solution can be fitted with various testing equipment


Tailor-made testing equipment

The robotic arm can insert products into any testing equipment. Therefore, Test-it-off is also suitable for operations where the quality control is carried out on the basis of custom-made inspection kits. These can be ICT testers, various specialized scales, mechanical wear, chemical composition or other chemical or physical property testers, etc.

Test-it-off, as the name suggests, is primarily designed for off-the-line testing. Using the right testing equipment, it is possible to test up to 100% of the production without slowing down production.

KINALI_robot_035 (kopie).jpg

Camera system

A set of high-end industrial cameras is used for optical quality control. The camera system makes it possible to test dimensions, colours and surfaces. It will find the slightest deviations that the human eye would not notice. It can do all this at measurement speeds of several milliseconds and with accuracy in micrometres.

3) Sorting

After performing the quality check, Test-it-off takes care of sorting based on the specified parameters. The robotic arm removes the product from the testing section and moves it to the desired location.

Test-it-off can easily:

  • Separate defective products from flawless ones
  • Sort material by shape, colour, labels, surface quality or other input parameters
  • Use artificial intelligence techniques
  • Communicate with other production nodes to obtain up-to-date quality criteria
  • Flexibly respond to changes and sort according to newly set criteria

It can handle different ways of sorting and storing products



Printed circuit boards or other products susceptible to damage are often stacked on pallets. The attachment with vacuum suction cups or a soft two-finger gripper can be selected for handling. The selection depends on the type, fragility, dimensions and weight of the products. It also depends on the angle of their storage and the gaps between the individual pieces.

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Custom containers, shelves and stands

Do you have products stored in containers or in shelves? No problem for the AUBO cobot! It grips the board and slides it out of the container with a suitable attachment. If the products are large-sized, a camera can be placed on the robot’s head and the inspection can be carried out directly from the rack and stands. All this without the need for manipulation.



The AUBO cobots excel in their variability. Thanks to this, the cycle of the entire Test-it-off solution can be aligned with the speed settings and possibilities of belt conveyors. These are also often used to build up a sufficient stock of products when long term autonomous work is required. It follows that Test-it-off is also suitable for checking products that do not have a static location.


KLT or other boxes

The easiest and least demanding product storing option for each production company is unsorted storage in KLT boxes or other crates. Test-it-off can handle even this situation. It can find, test and sort each product thanks to the integrated bin-picking system with a 3D camera.

4) Reporting

Thanks to quality control automation, you will receive clear information with regard to the state of production. Notifications about the course of the inspection, the number of defective pieces or, for example, the utilisation rate of Test-it-off within a certain period of time can be found in the user environment. The possibility of designing and monitoring own metrics is also supported.

Test-it-off provides an absolute overview of the state of the work, including the traceability of results. It is designed in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0:

  • Provides data connection to the parent ERP or MES system
  • Responds to suggestions from other production nodes
  • Transmits the necessary information about test cycles
  • Able to do automated data backup

Are you planning to let Test-it-off work independently overnight? Don’t worry, it won’t be afraid alone. And if it needs you, it will call you by message through a clear user interface or send you an email or SMS.


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Want to streamline quality control?

Let us know about you. We will help you reduce costs and improve the quality of testing.


Want to streamline quality control?

Let us know about you. We will help you reduce costs and improve the quality of testing.