Automatic printed circuit board testing

Thanks to Test-it-off, the entire PCB testing process is done autonomously. It does not require direct operator assistance and operates independently of the production cycle. Therefore, quality control can also take place at night when production is stopped.


PCB testing for electronics manufacturers

Test-it-off is used by companies from the electrical engineering industry for automated and fully autonomous verification of the quality of manufactured printed circuit boards.

The solution includes automated manipulation of PCBs from a predetermined source. Such a source can be a CAB bin, a pallet, a conveyor or a KLT box, where the Test-it-off bin picking system can cope with bulk PCBs separated by layers with spacers.

We are able to integrate the existing ICT/FCT tester supplied by the customer or deliver our own solution with automated closing of the upper pressure for testing PCBs. The method for storing tested PCBs is optional, it is usually determined with regard to the continuity of other production processes.

Technical parameters

Robot AUBO collaborative robot
Reliability Ability to work 8 hours without the operator’s assistance
Control cycle 20 secs. above PCB test length
Testing method ICT/FCT tester with manual and automated pressure control, camera EOL check
PCB supply method Bulk in KLT boxes, CAB bin, pallet, conveyor
Tested PCBs storage method Bulk in KLT boxes, CAB bin, pallet, conveyor
More features Reading DMX codes, adding labels


1) Gripping


PCB handling method

When choosing the PCBs appropriate handling method, we proceed from a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements. The most important parameter is the PCB storage method and the planned portfolio to be tested at the given Test-it-off station. Based on the identified requirements, we propose a suitable gripper for the AUBO collaborative robot and any other handling elements that help increase the workplace performance or reliability of loading into the ICT tester.

Test-it-off is a flexible platform supporting quick and easy replacement of manipulators for individual types of PCBs.

2) Testing

Various types of testing equipment is used for PCB testing


ICT/FCT tester

FCT/ICT testers are designed for testing PCBs or complete assemblies. With their help, it is possible to test standard electrical quantities such as voltage, current consumption, etc., communication protocols (e.g., LIN, can, Flexray, etc.), LED parameters and many others according to customer requirements.

We are able to integrate the existing ICT/FCT tester supplied by the customer or deliver our own solution with automated closing of the upper pressure for testing PCBs.

Test-it-off supports the option to operate multiple different ICT testers in one workplace.


Camera system

We are able to provide EOL camera check on PCB manufacturers products. We inspect the fitting correctness of THT components and connectors or the presence of labels and DMX codes with high accuracy and reliability.

The inspection uses artificial intelligence principles and advanced PCB scanning methods which are processed by a unique set of own machine vision libraries.

3) Sorting

After performing quality control, Test-it-off takes care of sorting PCBs based on the specified parameters. The robotic arm removes the PCB from the ICT tester and moves it to the correct location depending on the type of defect. The verified pieces are stored in the storage area designated for dispatch and the DMX code is read or the production label is added to guarantee full traceability.

The PCB storage method is based on the customs and logistics strategy of each customer. Test-it-off adapts without difficulty. When designing the final solution, we take into account the requirement for the period during which Test-it-off must function autonomously. A typical requirement is the system’s ability to work independently at least for several hours.

Based on the identified requirements, we propose a way to create a sufficient supply of PCBs. Reaching a sufficient stock is usually realized by chaining the basic container for storing PCBs (e.g., KLT box) on the conveyor or gravity hopper.

Supports different ways of sorting and storing PCBs

Test-it-off is a versatile platform regarding the support of different ways of storing products. You can select any of the following before and after testing:



Pallets are a common method for storing printed circuit boards. This option poses no problem for Test-it-off and AUBO cobot. Depending on the storage angle and the size of the gaps between the individual PCBs, an attachment with vacuum suction cups or a fine two-finger gripper can be selected for handling.



Do you use CAB magazines in your production process and would you appreciate testing PCBs directly from them? Test-it-off is ready for this option. The AUBO cobot grips the board and slides it out of the magazine with the help of a two-finger gripper. PCBs can be placed back in the same way. Alternatively, for verified PCBs, choose storage directly in the KLT box and prepare the production for dispatch.



Due to the system’s high variability, the tested PCBs can be taken directly from the production line. Therefore, it is not necessary to use only static product locations. To compare production speed and test cycle length, Test-it-off offers the possibility of intelligent distribution of PCBs between multiple ICT testers.


KLT boxes

Test-it-off can easily handle it even if the task is to test bulk PCBs in a KLT box. Although in such a case the individual PCB layers are often separated by horizontal interleaving, Test-it-off can function reliably for hours during testing. For example, this option is useful when it is necessary to check the claimed batches of PCBs directly from the shipping box.

4) Reporting

Thanks to quality control automation, you will receive clear information about the state of production. Notifications about the course of the inspection, the number of defective pieces or, for example, the utilisation rate of Test-it-off within a certain period of time can be found in the user environment. The possibility of designing and monitoring own metrics is also supported.

Test-it-off provides an absolute overview of the state of the work, including the traceability of results. It is designed in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles:

  • Provides data connection to the parent ERP or MES system
  • Responds to suggestions from other production nodes
  • Transmits the necessary information about test cycles
  • Able to do automated data backup

Are you planning to let Test-it-off work independently overnight? Don’t worry, it won’t be afraid alone. And if it needs you, it will call you by message through a clear user interface or send you an email or SMS.


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Test-It-Off - PCB Brochure (EN)


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