1) Gripping

AUBO cobot – an integral part of Test-it-off

The basic element of product handling in the Test-it-off system are AUBO collaborative robots.

They provide a wide range of possibilities for the automation of production processes at favourable prices. The AUBO cobots are reliable helpers and we provide an 18-month warranty or a non-stop support guarantee for them. The manufacturer has long focused on ease of operation and easy integration into even the most demanding production processes. These orange partners help in hundreds of operations around the world. They will also help you with quality control automation.


PCB handling method

When choosing the PCBs appropriate handling method, we proceed from a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements. The most important parameter is the PCB storage method and the planned portfolio to be tested at the given Test-it-off station. Based on the identified requirements, we propose a suitable gripper for the AUBO collaborative robot and any other handling elements that help increase the workplace performance or reliability of loading into the ICT tester.

Test-it-off is a flexible platform supporting quick and easy replacement of manipulators for individual types of PCBs.