4) Reporting

Thanks to quality control automation, you will receive clear information with regard to the state of production. Notifications about the course of the inspection, the number of defective pieces or, for example, the utilisation rate of Test-it-off within a certain period of time can be found in the user environment. The possibility of designing and monitoring own metrics is also supported.

Test-it-off provides an absolute overview of the state of the work, including the traceability of results. It is designed in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0:

  • Provides data connection to the parent ERP or MES system
  • Responds to suggestions from other production nodes
  • Transmits the necessary information about test cycles
  • Able to do automated data backup

Are you planning to let Test-it-off work independently overnight? Don’t worry, it won’t be afraid alone. And if it needs you, it will call you by message through a clear user interface or send you an email or SMS.


Testitoff_production page.png