3) Sorting

After performing the quality check, Test-it-off takes care of sorting based on the specified parameters. The robotic arm removes the product from the testing section and moves it to the desired location.

Test-it-off can easily:

  • Separate defective products from flawless ones
  • Sort material by shape, colour, labels, surface quality or other input parameters
  • Use artificial intelligence techniques
  • Communicate with other production nodes to obtain up-to-date quality criteria
  • Flexibly respond to changes and sort according to newly set criteria

It can handle different ways of sorting and storing products



Printed circuit boards or other products susceptible to damage are often stacked on pallets. The attachment with vacuum suction cups or a soft two-finger gripper can be selected for handling. The selection depends on the type, fragility, dimensions and weight of the products. It also depends on the angle of their storage and the gaps between the individual pieces.

shutterstock_1928912162 (kopie).jpg

Custom containers, shelves and stands

Do you have products stored in containers or in shelves? No problem for the AUBO cobot! It grips the board and slides it out of the container with a suitable attachment. If the products are large-sized, a camera can be placed on the robot’s head and the inspection can be carried out directly from the rack and stands. All this without the need for manipulation.



The AUBO cobots excel in their variability. Thanks to this, the cycle of the entire Test-it-off solution can be aligned with the speed settings and possibilities of belt conveyors. These are also often used to build up a sufficient stock of products when long term autonomous work is required. It follows that Test-it-off is also suitable for checking products that do not have a static location.


KLT or other boxes

The easiest and least demanding product storing option for each production company is unsorted storage in KLT boxes or other crates. Test-it-off can handle even this situation. It can find, test and sort each product thanks to the integrated bin-picking system with a 3D camera.