2) Testing

Test-it-off can handle a variety of inspection methods. It also supports other user operations beyond the inspection itself. For example, it can read EAN/DMX codes or apply labels.

The solution can be fitted with various testing equipment


Tailor-made testing equipment

The robotic arm can insert products into any testing equipment. Therefore, Test-it-off is also suitable for operations where the quality control is carried out on the basis of custom-made inspection kits. These can be ICT testers, various specialized scales, mechanical wear, chemical composition or other chemical or physical property testers, etc.

Test-it-off, as the name suggests, is primarily designed for off-the-line testing. Using the right testing equipment, it is possible to test up to 100% of the production without slowing down production.

KINALI_robot_035 (kopie).jpg

Camera system

A set of high-end industrial cameras is used for optical quality control. The camera system makes it possible to test dimensions, colours and surfaces. It will find the slightest deviations that the human eye would not notice. It can do all this at measurement speeds of several milliseconds and with accuracy in micrometres.